Inspiring entrepreneurial spirit


We provoke open thought.
Provide support.
Create environments free of judgement.
We believe being open minded is a fundamental building block to being able to think like an entrepreneur. Our perception is our own reality which is shaped by our assumptions. How willing are you to look inward and challenge your own views?
Everything we do at Big Sky Ideas is designed to support individuals to explore their entrepreneurial potential. From our affordable work space to our events, we are here to help people find confidence in their own ideas (big or small) and put them into action.
One of the biggest barriers for individuals exploring their ideas is judgement. People who exist in environments free of judgement have greater capacity to explore without fear of failure.  This is a core value of Big Sky Ideas and upheld in everything we do.


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Let’s start with the business plan; another critical tool in your success bucket. Most business plans are at lease 10 – 15 pages long, reams of pages filled with visions and missions, marketing, branding, aims and ambitions all mixed together. It is created and then often it will be locked away in a cupboard, possibly… Read More

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As a business or association when we are riding the highs of success we can forget to reflect on what is driving our achievements. It’s only when the wheels start to fall off – we’re not reaching our profit/turnover targets, a new competitor is opening or we aren’t gaining any new people (customers, members 0r stakeholders) –… Read More

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Creating an engaged audience is not all about communication. You can have the best communication strategy in the world but if you aren’t offering a product or service your audience needs, they will not engage with it. What do we mean by this? Your products and services fall into the mix of the actions your… Read More

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Hayley skilfully and gently helped me to turn an idea into a reality. Each step of the process I felt supported, nurtured and understood. Working with Hayley was an empowering experience and I highly recommend Hayley’s services.

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