Is a brand strategy important?

The thing about a brand strategy is that everyone needs one. So often people only associate a brand strategy as being relevant to businesses or associations who are selling physical products like appliances, beverages and furniture. The reality is every business needs to ensure they have a strong brand.

A strong brand is a barrier to the competition and positions you in the market to be number one so the audience resolves their needs with you every time. People wear brands, eat them, listen to them, use them and talk about them.

A strong brand will –

  • Set audience expectations
  • Set you apart from the competition
  • Create clarity and focus
  • Provide direction and motivation for your staff
  • Emotionally connect a brand to its audience
  • Convey value
  • Generate referrals

A brand strategy creates the business or association halo. It goes beyond a graphic or a logo and is all that is left when marketing has swept through the room. The branding underlies all of the marketing effort.

“It is what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service or organisation.”

What we forget is a good brand doesn’t just happen, it is well thought out and this is where your brand strategy comes in.

A brand strategy involves:

  • Identifying your brand promise
  • Defining your brands personality
  • Creating your brands market positioning
  • Clarifying your points of difference

The process involves matching your audience’s needs with your business or associations passion (why you are doing what you are doing).

The result is a strong sense of identity which should be used to communicate in all marketing support material such as your website, logo, advertising, and flyers etc. It creates consistent, easy to understand communication assisting in driving audience participation.

A powerful exercise with amazing results.

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