Why is understanding your audience important?

As a business or association when we are riding the highs of success we can forget to reflect on what is driving our achievements. It’s only when the wheels start to fall off – we’re not reaching our profit/turnover targets, a new competitor is opening or we aren’t gaining any new people (customers, members 0r stakeholders) – when we start to question what’s wrong?

In most instances we have lost touch with our audience (the people who fuel our business), who they are, their needs and what they stand for. Although we know they should be at the heart of everything we do, we can get bogged down in the day to day. As soon as this happens our operations start to drive our business strategy, not our customers.

When we end up in this place we are left standing around scratching our heads saying ‘we have tried everything’, ‘it’s the new age, people just aren’t as committed’ or ‘people don’t buy local anymore, there’s too much choice’.

Think again.

Your audience is as committed to a good brand as they have ever been and all you have to do is put some time into understanding who they are and what makes them tick.

So how can we help?

We use a 12 question process to research, audit and analyse demographic and sociological characteristics of your past, present and potential audience (customers, members or stakeholders) creating your target markets aka avatars.

Demographic research gives us the hard facts, those things like gender, age and place of residence. Sociological research greatly enhances these facts by overlaying soft motivations such as their values, interests, spending habits and media use. The process is thorough and its success is driven by the involvement of your employees/volunteers who talk to your audience, in depth research of your industry and the people who like to participate in it.

In essence, the result is a greater understanding of your audience. The greater the businesses understanding of whom you are relying on to fuel your business or association the greater your ability to:

  1. Create a brand your audience will love
  2. Hone your products and services in the market so they will work
  3. Follow market trends with greater confidence
  4. Strategically prioritise your operations within your business

Something so simple will become the heart of your operation, driving your success.

Get in touch today to understand your audience.




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