How clear is your vision and do you have the skills to get there?

Let’s start with the business plan; another critical tool in your success bucket.

Most business plans are at lease 10 – 15 pages long, reams of pages filled with visions and missions, marketing, branding, aims and ambitions all mixed together. It is created and then often it will be locked away in a cupboard, possibly visited every couple of years or when things start to go wrong.

We believe in the K.I.S.S theory. Keep it simple stupid.

Our business plan is a simple, straight forward one page plan which can be successfully overlaid for small, medium and large business. It is a great tool to keep the team focused and on track to achieve the business or associations core objectives.

The single page captures the essential elements:

  • Key business or association objectives
  • Key performance indicators
  • Measures and targets
  • Roadblocks, issues & challenges
  • Responsibility

We also incorporate vision, mission and values; to keep everyone focused on the absolute essentials. Why do it this way? We have found this is all you need; a succinct, sharable, adaptable and actionable plan.

How about a skills matrix?

Sometimes having a great idea or the right products and services mix will not make you successful. Equally as important are you and your team’s skills and experience. We can have the best ideas in the world but not the skills to make them a success.

A skills matrix is a very effective way to be able to determine whether there are, or could be, potential gaps within the team. It will help you identify personal development for yourself and individuals or assist with recruiting the people to your organisation.

If you’re interested to know more, drop us a line.

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