#8 Changing the pattern of domestic violence

This podcast is part of the ‘When the Critics don’t Count’ Series of talks which explores whether there is a line between constructive criticism and dream catchers. How we might focus on our supporters instead of our critics to ensure we’re not held back.

When you meet Sitiamon Geaus you can’t help but be caught by her infectious smile and warm glow. Yet on meeting her, her story is not one you would expect. She has experienced first-hand what it is like to find yourself in a situation you are struggling to escape from.

In her talk she shares her personal story of domestic violence, a challenging childhood and seeking a better life for herself and her family; a story which is all too common among the many households of Regional Australia.

If this story triggers any uncomfortable emotions and you need to talk please reach out to Lifeline 131114 or Domestic Violence support 1800RESPECT.

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