#7 The blueprint to our extraordinary human life

This podcast is part of the ‘Taming Toxic Relationships’ Series of talks which explores how you identify a toxic relationship, what it is like to be in it and how to get yourself both in and out of it. In each talk a unique perspective is bought to the table.  

Angela Peris was born in Sri Lanka migrating to Australia in 1974. Shortly after her arrival she started her training to be a Registered Nurse at Concord Repatriation Hospital, Sydney. She gained knowledge and skills in many areas as a critical care nurse, working in some of the leading teaching hospitals in metropolitan Sydney.

Following her father’s death in 1980, Angela searched for the spiritual answers to what our life journey is all about. She realised that life is a meaningful experience and we all have a purpose – it was then that she explored and revealed the blueprint to our extraordinary human life; her most recent book.

In this talk she shares her insights into the conscious and sub conscious mind and how everyone has the power to influence their mind to manifest change.

If this story triggers any uncomfortable emotions and you need to talk please reach out to Lifeline 131114.

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