#3 The influence of social media on anxiety

This podcast is part of the ‘Are we in the Age of Anxiety’ Series of talks which explores how we identify with anxiety in today’s day and age and the practical ways we can help ourselves and each other manage anxiety when it rears its head to stop you in your tracks.

Lourene Liebenberg is a woman of many talents, an Occupational Therapist and a practicing councillor with 30 years’ experience in mental health. With a specific focus on mental health in regional VIC and NSW, Lourene brings a thought provoking conversation around the influence of abundant media in our lives and its impact on our mental health. In this talk she talks about how social media keeps our minds in a state of constant over stimulation and the differences between relaxation and distraction. This episode is a great insight in anxiety in today’s day and age.

If this story triggers any uncomfortable emotions and you need to talk please reach out to Lifeline 131114.

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