our space

We are located in the heart of Deniliquin, NSW. We understand many people who live in rural areas work from home and need to come into town frequently for meetings, drop the kids at childcare, to explore their ideas or to simply get things done using the internet.

Our collective work space is open to the community to utilise for all of the above. We are currently busy making sure it continues to evolve to give people the comfort and privacy they need to work.

The work space is open plan and offers the community Wi-Fi, kitchen, hot desk space, lounge area, meeting room and children’s area (downstairs and out of the way). Designed to replicate the comfort of your home, but with the convenience of being centrally located.

The space is available for use for $25 per individual per day, or for $60 per week (2+ days) Monday through to Friday.

If you are interested in the space please get in touch with us.