We provoke open thought.
Provide support.
Create environments free of judgement.
We believe being open minded is a fundamental building block to being able to think like an entrepreneur. Our perception is our own reality which is shaped by our assumptions. How willing are you to look inward and challenge your own views?
Everything we do at Big Sky Ideas is designed to support individuals to explore their entrepreneurial potential. From our affordable work space to our events, we are here to help people find confidence in their own ideas (big or small) and put them into action.
One of the biggest barriers for individuals exploring their ideas is judgement. People who exist in environments free of judgement have greater capacity to explore without fear of failure.  This is a core value of Big Sky Ideas and upheld in everything we do.

We are on a mission to inspire every individual who lives in a small town throughout NSW to think like an entrepreneur.

To us, entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, not a business model. A mindset which can be taught.

We believe people who think like entrepreneurs have:

  • The ability to view their situation as an opportunity, changing their perception of what is possible.
  • A greater inclination to innovate, value add and problem solve.
  • Better coping mechanisms, equipped to accept the realities of change and uncertainty.

Everything we do is designed around four fundamental principals which, when implemented effectively grow an entrepreneurial mindset in individuals. The impact being immense on the communities these people exist within.

The four building blocks of an entrepreneurial mindset are:

Provoking open thought.

We believe this is a critical component of enabling people to think like an entrepreneur. We define open thought as the ability to look inward and question your own perceptions of what is real. Provoking open thought is to challenge your own assumptions, be confronted by stories which make you think, conduct critical thinking. Those who become practiced in open thought have greater self belief and honesty with the world around them. A fundamental component of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Providing support.

It is easy to ask someone to change but it is not so easy to actually then make the change. Providing a framework which encourages and enable individuals to be able to act on their ideas is critical to their success in transitioning to an entrepreneurial way of thinking. We are always trying to create actions which will greater support individuals as they explore change and imagine the possibilities. Providing support enables people to do, not just think.

Creating environments free of judgement.

Fear of judgement is one of the biggest  barriers for individuals when making a decision to pursue their ideas and express their thoughts. Particularly when they feel those ideas might contradict the status quo. When you create environments for people which are free of any perceived judgement they have greater  capacity to explore without fear of failure.  This is a core value of Big Sky Ideas which we uphold in everything we do.

Inspiring people to dream.

There are so many fantastic examples of people within our community who think like entrepreneurs and we believe sharing their stories creates a human connection and shows people what is possible.  While we try our best to live by our word and lead by example, we also believe it is important to showcase individuals who are making ripple effects in their community through their capacity to think differently, embrace an open mind and challenge their own assumptions about what is possible.

Learn more about what we are doing to inspire entrepreneurial spirit in rural communities.