It’s all about small towns around Australia.

Did we mention we love where we live and we love small towns? For us this is what it is all about, bringing small towns to life and inspiring their entrepreneurial spirit.

To help enable people who live in small towns throughout Australia we are launching a lot of different projects all with our fundamental values in mind.

The Riverina Collective

‘Connecting Women with Conversation’

The Riverina Collective is a women’s collective created in 2016 and encapsulates everything Big Sky Ideas represents. The Riverina Collective hosts 3 events each year which aim to create the human connection through story telling by local women under a chosen topic like ‘Dare to Dream’ ‘The Critics Don’t Count’ and ‘The Importance of Wellness’. The sessions are recorded and distributed for broader listening via a podcast called ‘rural women making change’.  Currently under development is The Dreaming Room; an online resource to assist rural women to make smart small changes in their life each day under the belief that multiple small changes build confidence. Inspiring rural women to explore their entrepreneurial spirit.

Rural Women’s Innovation Program

’12 week program teaching entrepreneurial thinking’

June 2017 will be the launch of the first rural women’s pilot program to bring real life entrepreneurial thinking into the community. The program will bring together women and community/industry leaders from around the Murray region to tackle local challenges. Teaching the participants how to make change  through a series of workshops focusing on understanding your personality, teamwork and team building, problem solving/lateral thinking and how to pitch ideas.

Collective Workspace

‘Flexible working area’

Located in Deniliquin, the Collective work space is designed to give people (men and women) ultimate flexibility to come and go from a space to grow their ideas and work on their businesses. This space is designed to support those who are based from home, may work on their own and desire a location to where they can work in collaboration. We believe this space will be used as a transient space to support those who would like to open their own office, workshop or space; to test and try their concept before taking the leap and attaining enough cash flow to move into their own area.