If you are keen to learn, we are keen to help you.

We are happy to develop our programs to fit the needs of the community. If you are not sure where to start, here are some workshops we run which might help to get you thinking.

The Secret to Community Engagement

Engaging your community can be very challenging. Often we are left scratching our heads and blaming technology or a new generation for the lack of engagement in our service, club or organisation.

We tailor this workshop to suit your organisation or the collaboration of people in the room so you walk away with practical tools, resources and support to be able to look at what  is going on in your organisation in a different way.

3 hours

$800 (+travel) (max. 10 people per workshop)

Build my new idea – mentoring support

The beauty of the human mind is we have the extraordinary capability to create new things. All we need is a bit of support to get our ideas pointing in the right direction and build our confidence.

We can help guide and support you through the build phase of your idea to ensure you walk into your new idea with clarity and purpose.

$90 per hour (+ travel)